Photographer and Filmmaker


London based film-maker, photographer and professional creative.
Capturing moments in still and moving images, which have a cinematic style and documentary feel.

Passionate and motivated by images and art (not money) 
'live to be inspired and inspire others'

Specialising in contemporary Portraiture, Headshots, and Events, creating professional still and moving images. 

A born and bred Londoner, Andy is constantly inspired by his hometown and the experience of living in such a vibrant city. Andy has a philosophical take on life and a natural ability to see and capture details and nuances that most of us would miss. His attentive and personal approach to working with people is reflected in his portraiture and event work, which posses a candid and insightful quality.

Andy has been commissioned by brands and clients including; Channel 4, Shift 4, Euronews, Redbull, Goldsmiths, Lazard, Ace Hotel group, Bench, V festival and Glastonbury. Andy also works regularly within the music Industry with record labels and Artists directing shoots for music videos, press shots, and album covers . Andy also regularly contributes images and creates content for several charity foundations.

Andy is available for assignments worldwide. To request services, purchase prints, or license images please email